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Bestiary of Equestria: Tails of Equestria


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Welcome to The Bestiary of Equestria! Within the book lies a wealth of information about the fantastical creatures and characters of Equestria! For use withTails of Equestria, this bestiary will help you tell fantastic adventure stories and fill the world with all sorts of beasts and monsters. Every adventure needs characters, and this book will help you out whether you are a player or a GM. There are dozens of new creatures from all over Equestria, and even some from beneath and above it! Some of these creatures are beastly, some are unique characters, and some are races that players may want to pick when creating their character. NON-PONY CHARACTERS! Included inThe Bestiary of Equestriaare rules forsixnew playable races, allowing for players to pick the following non-pony characters: Majestic Griffons. Fearsome fire-breathing Dragons. Proud Buffalo. Curious and cunning Diamond Dogs. Wondrously powerful Changelings. Wise, ancient Crystal Ponies. CREATURES OF EQUESTRIA From adorable to terrifying, the bestiary contains details and stats for all sorts of creatures. This will add a huge amount of depth and variety to the types of encounters the players will face. As well as monsters, you’ll find details on the friendly, familiar faces ofFriendship is Magic.From Big Mac to DJ Pon-3, Scootaloo to Flurry Heart, and many more! NEW TALENTS AND QUIRKS Lots of new creatures means plenty of new powers, magic, and special abilities. The unique and often dangerous creatures of Equestria are equipped with many Talents and Quirks, which are detailed in the bestiary. Some of these new Talents can even be gained by Pony Characters when they level up!

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